Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Little Team Bonding...

Soccer season may end in November, but our team still gets together for "serious" matters. Here we are with several overnight recruits at Rossi Lanes after taking on the Men's Soccer team in bowling. Obviously we had to let them win ; )

Monday, March 9, 2009

Sibling's Weekend and ECAC Champs!

This weekend proved to be one of the best ones yet! My family came to visit friday night for the Phi Beta Kappa dinner, and my little sister stayed with me until sunday for Sibling's Weekend. After the dinner, my sister and I went out for ice cream with a few of my friends, then we played Apples to Apples for a few hours. Honestly, it's probably the most comedic game I've played. The next morning, a bunch of us went to brunch then headed to the domes (the Murray Athletic Center) to watch two of my suitmates on the girl's hockey team play in the Eastern Collegiate Athletic Conference Semifinals. They won 8-1!

The next day, we went back to the domes to watch the girls take on Plattsburgh in the Championship, their rival from the ECAC's last year. Obviously, the game was very competitive and a lot of fans came to support them. Luckily, they pulled off the win 3-0 despite having to face several difficult penalty kill situations, including almost two minutes of 3 versus 5. They now will play in the NCAA tournament this coming weekend,and the men's team plays their NCAA playoff game this coming wednesday. It was a great week for EC and not a bad one for my sister to enjoy too!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A bit about me...

Hello Everyone! I'm Andrea and a member of the Spectacular Class of 2011. Before coming to Elmira, I lived in the small Upstate town of Friendship, New York. Having grown up on my family's farm, some of my favorite hobbies include four-wheeling, snowmobiling, canoeing and horseback riding. I also love to play sports, anywhere from horseshoes to basketball and ping-pong. I've recently become addicted to traveling, recently visiting the Bahamas and planning to go to Mexico this spring. I also am currently applying to volunteer abroad this summer, most likely in South Africa.

I tend to be pretty busy around campus between class, soccer, and the different organizations I belong to, but staympretty close with my family. This upcoming weekend is Sibling's Weekend on campus, so my younger sister Ashlynn is coming to visit. Conveniently, my family was already planning to come to campus this Friday for a recognition dinner. They like coming to a lot of events and catch most of our soccer games.

Two of my suitemates play hockey for the Varsity Women's team, and our college is hosting the Eastern College Athletic Conference playoffs, so my sister is pretty excited to get to see them play this weekend. The college has also planned a bunch of other activities for the weekend, although my sister has informed me that a trip to the mall is definitely on the agenda. She is a junior now, so she's anxious to get a taste of the college experience. She keeps counting down the days until she comes. I'll let you know how it goes!