Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Start of 2010!

I can hardly believe that a new term has started already! Term I flew by, probably because of field hockey season, and we are already a week into Term II. Winter Break was fantastic; I visited a friend in Ottawa who graduated last year for a weekend and we explored the city, had poutine (french fries with cheese and gravy, which I highly recommend), beaver tails - which are similar to our American fried dough - and saw the Canal, the longest skating rink in the world. I also went to the Bills and Colts game in Buffalo. I am a devout Colts fan - and yes, I know they lost, basically on purpose - but being seven rows behind the Colts bench was an experience I will not soon forget. It was also nice to really spend time with my family. My sister is graduating this year, so I went to her basketball games and gave her some advice on the college search.
I have already realized that this will be quite a busy term. SIFE regional competition is a mere two months away. Student Association has also started to plan Finals Countdown, although the theme will be a secret until the night of the event ; ) Field hockey training is also underway, and we have had a number of recruits on campus already. The hockey teams are both doing really well again this year, and a bunch of us went to Cortland this past weekend to see the Men's team play. The Women take on Amherst tomorrow night, which is always a big rival game. We played them in the National Championship last year. Anyway, I am off to accounting now, but Go Colts!

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